About Black Bucket Art

Black Bucket Art was created to produce unique, high-quality art
for Home Décor. Using only the finest quality art materials, with
great attention to detail and excellence, we create original, hand-crafted pieces.


Take a look inside our Black Bucket for an interesting assortment of high-quality,
unique and creative wall art.

Our art works appeal to the consumer with fine discriminating taste, but who
do not desire “Fine Art”. If you are looking for "Fine Art", our Black Bucket
is not the place to search! Our original, carefully hand-produced art
can be fun or serious, but never stuffy, and is always creative and unique.

In our Black Bucket you will find a diverse range of styles and sizes;
we also do commissioned pieces.

Previously available only at home-based Trunk Shows in the Southeast US,
we are now adding select Retailers and Interior Designers to our team.


Reach into our Black Bucket and pull out a handful of beautiful, fun to wear
jewelry for yourself or your friends. Each piece is individually designed and
hand-made of semi-precious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, Bohemian glass,
and other high quality jewelry components by a talented expert
craftsperson in the USA, and is truly one-of-a-kind.
You will be the only person in the world to have it!

Coming soon!
The Black Bucket has in store for you 3 completely new design lines.
To be revealed soon!

Now Available!
Exclusive Private Label lines for upscale boutiques. Contact us to find out
how your store can have its own jewelry line, not available to anyone else.


Contact us for your freelance writing needs.
The published writer on our team will write your article, bio,
advertising promotion, website & brochure text, and more.

Creative and skillful writing will give your accurate information just
the level of “punch and sizzle” that you want it to have.
It will be professional, yet easy and interesting to read,
with no grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors.


Black Bucket Art is fun, different, and each piece is created
in the musical heart of America, Nashville, TN.


You Never Know What You Might Find in Our Black Bucket!

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