Olivia's Garden 1
Pompeii Fresco Series

Inspired by the ancient fresco walls of Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii, once a second or third richly decorated home to wealthy and influential
Romans, was completely covered in volcanic ash at the eruption of
Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79. After being unearthed by archeologists,
the city is being reassembled as much as possible, fragment by historic fragment.

“Pompeii Fresco” is created using authentic Italian plaster, fresco paints, and earth
colorants – a rich combination of ingredients that is much the same
as the originals in Pompeii. Each piece is inspired by an actual Pompeiian wall,
and may even bear the name of the home’s wealthy owner of 2000 years ago.
Hanging on your wall, it appears to be an entire slab of ancient Pompeiian wall.

May also be done as commissioned work directly on the wall in your home.
Creates a powerful and distinctive ambience in any room you choose.

Pompeii Fresco – Olivia’s Garden I
35"h x 27"w
Authentic Italian Plaster on Plasterboard & Wood
Unframed: 4" deep
A053 - $1055
To purchase this item please email us


From our Pompeii Fresco Series

Created and stored in a smoke-free home


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