Ming Dynasty - Sparkle
Necklace & Earring Set


18” long necklace, with matching earrings

If you can't have the whole Ming Vase, you should have at least this shard of one!

Authentic Ming Dynasty Antique Shard
Citrus Yellow Crackle Glass 10mm Rounds
Spring Green Glass Beads

During China's Ming Dynasty (c 1368 - 1644), its people enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle filled with great literature and art. Their deeply revered hand-painted white porcelain objects were found only in the homes of their wealthiest people. Chinese archeologists recently unearthed a Ming Vase factory and salvaged as much of the precious (even when broken!) porcelain they could. We were able to obtain a small quantity, just so that you can wear a piece of the world's wealthiest history around your neck!

J015 - $150

From our Authentic Ming Dynasty Shard Jewelry Collection

Handmade and kept just for you in a smoke-free home.
Packaged in a pretty foil-covered gift box.


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